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I am Cray Wayne and I offer businesses User Generated Content. It is the leading way to build trust with your audience. I create engaging and and relatable content for products and brands. I have experience and knowledge running social media accounts

Tucson, Arizona

Cray Wayne

Pro DJ and Content Creator

What type of work to Expect

I create content that is engaging and influences the viewer to take action. I put myself into the shoes of the audience so I can capture an emotion and illicit a response.


I'll configure a strategy to quickly communicate how your product/brand is the solution for your audience. 


I'll ensure the content is visually inviting, relatable, and leaves the viewers wanting more.

UGC results in 29%
higher conversions

See your engagement
rates increase by 12x

Previous Work

Demo/voice over: skin care

Product Demo: Tea

Product Demo: Laptop Phone mount

Product Demo: Health

Testimonial: Food

Product Demo: Liquor Dispenser


Testimonial: Flyby

Product Demo: MoVo Mini

Product Demo: MoVo Mini



Packages starting at

1 UGC Video     $150
3 UGC Videos    $400
5 UGC videos     $700

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