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Hey There

I am Cray Wayne and I offer businesses User Generated Content, which is the leading way to build trust with your audience. People have become more trusting of people talking about products versus typical mainstream brand ads. I have run, grown and created social media content for multiple businesses with success.

What type of work to Expect

The content that I create wilI strive to elicit a feeling, or emotion that influences the viewer to take action. I take on the character traits, pains, and desires that your ideal customer has.


I'll configure a strategy to quickly communicate how your product/brand is the solution for your audience. I'll hone in on pain points to resonate and connect with your consumer. 


Within the first 3 seconds, I aim to ignite a question in your audience that only the video can answer, cliff-hangers, fast moving and exciting content. I'll ensure the content is visually inviting and leaves the viewers wanting more.

UGC results in 29%
higher conversions

See your engagement
rates increase by 12x


Previous Work

Demo/voice over: skin care

Product Demo: Tea

Product Demo: Laptop Phone mount

Product Demo: Health

Testimonial: Food

Product Demo: Liquor Dispenser




Packages starting at

1 UGC Video     $150
3 UGC Videos    $400
5 UGC videos     $700

15-30 second video, for product or brand

Includes 1 revision

3 day delivery



Special effects

Live model

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