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“What kind of music do you play”?

I am an open format DJ which means I play various genres of music. As a Dj I don't have a music library of a million songs. My music library has been hand selected so only the best and most danceable songs of each genres makes the cut. I have only the best of the best music from keep the dance floor full and the people dancing. I also ask for a playlist from my clients to ensure I know their music preferences and to ensure I have their favorite songs. 

“Do you play music with bad words”?

I have a clean and a dirty versions of every song in my library. Most events I play at only want clean versions because there will be children or family members that do not like bad language.

“What do you wear when you DJ"?


Every event is different for wedding and private or special events usually I will be wearing something to complement the event. I will often be wearing semi formal attire with a dress shirt and tie and dress pants. In other situations I may be more relaxed.

“Do you take requests"?


I do take requests and I try to play the requested songs when it appropriately fits into the mood of the event.  

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